Protect our listed buildings, say Lib Dems

Damage at the former EMDHigh Street Lib Dems have called on the Councils Chief Executive to do all in his power to protect the 107 listed buildings in Waltham Forest and in particular the Grade II listed former Granada cinema after reports, over the weekend, of yet more of the structure falling off.High St councillor James O’Rourke said:

“I have asked the Chief Executive to seriously consider invoking his powers under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 to issue either an Urgent Works or Repair Notice to protect this historic building and passer-bys from being seriously injured.”

“Clearly, this buildings integrity is a major concern after a Health and Safety Prohibition Notice was issued, a couple of weeks ago, preventing anyone from entering the premises unless they are wearing full Personal Protective Equipment to protect them from exposure to asbestos. Whatever the future of this building may be its heritage needs to be protected.”

Last summer officials in the Department of Culture, Media and Sport drew up a Heritage Protection Bill to change how we list historic buildings and how we protect our heritage.

However, despite there being a very thin legislative programme last year, the Bill did not make it into the Queen’s Speech. Now Gordon Brown has listed his proposed bills for this year’s address by Her Majesty, and guess what? It is still not there.

“It seems Labour both nationally and locally are not particularly interested in the heritage of this country” added Cllr O’Rourke.

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