Grove Green FOCUS 264 featuring the petition

The Council is staging a full public consultation

Following parking petitions and concerns raised by local residents the Lib Dem Grove Green Focus Team carried out a series of street surveys to find out the views of all households in Grove Green Ward.

The responses revealed a dramatic increase in on-street parking in the roads near to the roads that had a Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ). Previously residents of these roads had voted against a CPZ in their road. But the increased parking problem in their road has forced them to rethink their decision.

The results of these surveys including a petition were collated and presented to the Councils traffic engineers. Following these meetings the Lib Dem Focus Team and residents were pleased to learn that the Council has started a full public consultation with residents of the roads they feel are most affected. This is a large group of roads bordered by Leyton High Road to Francis Road and Hainault Road to St Georges Road.

The full consultation letter has been delivered to every address in this area. This should be completed and returned in the enclosed freepost envelope before the deadline on Monday 1st December.

The Focus Team urges everyone not to miss this opportunity of making your views known.

2 thoughts on “RESIDENTS WIN THE DAY

  1. Ms Edith Oyebade says:

    As most Residents on the Beaumont Estate i’m getting some what feed up with not being able to find a parking space when i get home at nights. This was quite a problem before parking permits were brought into force in some roads around the Beaumont Estate. But since then as become even bigger problem with company vans and cars from garages now parking on Beaumont Estate as it’s not a Residents parking only Estate. What i should like to know and i’m sure others also would like to before saying yes or no to parking permits and even up to this day we have never been told what it will cost per year per car. I have more then one car in My house hold as do many others. We are happy to pay so long as fee is not over the top. It would be so nice as many do find that have Parking Permits in their road with almost 10 to 20 less cars in their road at nights and many less in the day time. Why because they are parking on Beaumont Estate. Some times i can count 10 company vans park within 100 yards of the rounder bout leading to Kings Close. And often vehicles with no road tax taking up car parking spaces. You tell L&Q Housing Management and they do nothing. Same with the sham regarding Parking Permits before. Enough for now i wait to see what becomes and if we get full truth of what it will cost per car each year something not been set out before.
    Ms Edith Oyebade
    21 Russell Court
    1 Kings Close
    E10 5BD

    • bobsullivan says:

      Sorry for the delay in replying. Regarding the parking on the estate. The Council is planning on consulting residents on the estate and surrounding roads on a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). This consultation is due to start this month – November. This was reported in our Focus Newsletter which I hope that you receive regularly (about every 6 to 8 weeks)..
      If residents agree to a CPZ then there will be a charge per vehicle, I believe, £35 per year if you have a second vehicle then that vehicle will be charged £90 a year. Large vehicles may be charged more. It should all be explained in the Councils consultation document which you should receive this month. CPZs will clear a lot of cars from the estate and surrounding roads making parking very much easier.
      Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want more information.
      Best wishes
      Bob Sullivan
      020 8556 8335

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