Lib Dems Praised for ‘Green’ Action

The Liberal Democrats have offered Local Lib Dems have welcomed a report which rates them as the top performing party on ‘green’ issues.

The report by the Green Alliance, How Green Are Our Parties?, claims that the Liberal Democrats have offered “the strongest set of policies on climate change, green taxation and green living” whilst also delivering “the most substantive policy commitments”.

The Lib Dems were the only party to recieve the top ‘green star’ rating for their action on Climate Change, Green Living and Environmental Tax and Subsidies, with the report claiming that the party’s ambitious green taxation plans were part of a “bold and far reaching strategy”.

The report, however, awarded no ‘green srat’ ratings to the Conservatives, claiming that “the gap between their aspirations on the environment and their limited policy commitments is stark”.

Liberal Democrat councillor Bob Belam welcomed the report, claiming it was “pleasing that our ambitious and forward thinking work in this area is being recognised.”

He continued:

“By ensuring we instill a ‘green’ ethic in the local community, we can do simple things to benefit our living envionment in Waltham Forest whilst also making a contribution on a larger scale”

“The report suggests that the ‘green’ rhetoric coming from other parties is just hot air.”

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