Former Cinemas in Spotlight

Former bingo hall & cinema in Buxton Road, E17A former bingo hall in Walthamstow High Street has been thrown into the spotlight in a recent Waltham Forest Guardian article.

Whilst the EMD has been the centre of attention for the last few years the 80 year old former Dominion cinema has sadly fallen into disrepair since its closure in the mid 90’s.

Residents have been leaving comments on the Guardians website suggesting the Council considers brokering a deal with the owners of the EMD to swap buildings.

Resonding to residents comments, Lib Dem Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr John Macklin, said:

“I have read with interest residents comments regarding the Buxton Hall site and possible links with the EMD. It is something I have discussed with the Chief Executive of the Council as an idea.”

“At present we are not dealing with a certain solution but one which relies on many complex stages. We need to consider IF the council can obtain Buxton Hall, then IF the church wants to do a deal. We then have to determine whether a cinema operator will help us return the EMD to a cinema. Finally, we have the additional problems of Labours plans for the Arcade site and UKCG’s planning application.”

“I can state again that the preferred option for Lib Dems, with regard to the EMD, is a cinema but we are also aware that the UKCG has the need to provide a good quality venue for its congregation.”

In 2007 Lib Dem High Street Councillor, James O’Rourke, participated in the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment public enquiry on the future of the Walthamstow Town Centre where he suggested Buxton Hall is considered as a possible Community theatre and multi-use space.

Cllr O’Rourke said: “Working with the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment not long after my election was exciting. As a new councillor I was stirred up by the prospects for the area I grew up in and now represent. Sadly. three years on the Prince’s Foundation Masterplan has become yet another mantlepiece exhibit for Labour’s Regeneration Cabinet member.”

“We need action, as demonstrated by neighbouring boroughs, not just masterplans”

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